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Our theatres are spacious and comfortable.  New movies are usually shown on the big screen in the main theatre first, which has seating of 268 and an additional 77 seats in a table style setting in the balcony for birthday parties, company parties or just a great time at the movies. 

We here at the Roxy Theatre strive to make your visit a truly unique and enjoyable experience!  If we can do anything to enhance your experience, please let us know.

Enjoy the show!


Adults: $8
Children (11 and under): $7
Seniors: $7
Matinees: $7

Roxy Theatre Guidelines:

  • Be respectful of other patrons who come to watch the movie.
  • No loud talking. If you are addressed by staff due to loud talking or disrespectful behavior, you and your group will be required to leave the movie without a refund. You may remain in the side lobby area providing you can maintain respectful volume and behavior.
  • Limit your time out of your seat. We understand there are reasons to get up, but constant in and out of the theater is a distraction to others and you will be required to remain out of the movie if it becomes an issue.
  • No throwing anything throughout the theater.
  • If there are issues inside the movie, please come out to address them with the staff so that we can rectify the situation in a timely manner.
  • Remove your trash when you leave. Garbage cans are located in the main lobby of the theater.
  • No destroying property.